The Last Dance, Facing Alzheimer's with Love and Laughter

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More Praise for The Last Dance

"The Last Dance is a loving tribute by a daughter to her aging mother. It is an example of how the life of the elderly can be eased by their caring children. Reading brought tears to my eyes more than once, but the writing is a help to me in facing the uncertain future. I will be much better prepared to take care of my wife should she be afflicted, or she, care of me! Sometimes I think that while we don't have 'All-zheimer's,' we seem to have 'Half-zheimer's!'

Lowell Thomas Jr., Anchorage, Alaska


"Susan McLane has devoted her life to improving the lives of others. For 25 years as a state legislator, Susan dedicated her career to helping women achieve their rights and freedom. In The Last Dance, Susan directs her formidable energy and passion to the greatest personal challenge of her life with the same grace and dignity that she has demonstrated her whole life.

The Last Dance is a testament to Susan's optimism and commitment to others, providing hope to families who are coping with aging and Alzheimer's disease, and inspiration to women interested in making the world a better place by becoming involved in politics.

-- Kate Michelman, President NARAL, Washington, D.C.


We read with joy and sadness your wonderful memoir. The Last Dance is a splendid book, well written and insightful into the remarkable life of a woman who has brought so much good to so many over the years. The book captures the essential Susan in so many ways, in particular her compassion and capability in pursuing causes in which she believed. The Last Dance is a good (but difficult) book for all of us and will be passed on to our family to read as well.

-- Dick Thornburgh, United State Attorney General, Washington, D.C.


This beautiful little book transcends modern medicine and technology by tenderly sharing the relationship between a mother and her daughter. The exquisite description of the erosion of an aging mind is poignantly surrounded by a daughter's profound telling of her own efforts to understand, comfort, and above all, love her mother. These pages will touch the heart of anyone who has shared the travails, the humor, frustration, and fear as the parent we once knew slowly, before our eyes, recedes into another world.

-- James W. Squires, M.D., President, Endowment for Health, Concord, New Hampshire


Ann McLane Kuster's loving tribute to her remarkable mother, Susan McLane is a very special tale of a great woman's personal growth and pioneering achievement on behalf of all women everywhere. Susan and Malcolm McLane are in the first rank of progressive leaders in New Hampshire history. Ann's book sheds special light on that journey and constitutes an engrossing and inspiring story of Susan's courageous and indomitable spirit.

-- Walter Peterson, Former Governor of New Hampshire


The Last Dance brought tears to my eyes, more of joy than of sadness because I cannot remember anyone of more good will, love and quiet guts than Susan and Malcolm McLane. The book brought back memories of their hearty good cheer and love of all good causes. Helping get David Souter to the U.S. Supreme Court may be Susan's greatest political achievement.

-- Congressman Pete McCloskey, Jr. Presidential Candidate (1972), Palo Alto, California

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